Los Calaos de Briones Restaurant


Los Calaos de Briones Restaurant menu.

Traditional La Rioja cuisine prepared in a modern style. Excellent preparation of seasonal vegetables and specialty roast lamb and suckling pig.
Calaos Royal Fritters - Los Calaos de Briones RestaurantScrambled eggs with Briones sausage - Los Calaos de Briones  RestaurantHake in green sauce - Los Calaos de Briones RestaurantSalt cod with biscayan sauce - Los Calaos de Briones RestaurantRioja-style tripe and snouts - Los Calaos de Briones RestaurantOxtail stew in red wine - Los Calaos de Briones restaurantGrilled ox t-bone steak - Los Calaos de Briones restaurantGrilled pig trotters with sauce - Los Calaos de Briones restaurantRoast pig - Los Calaos de Briones restaurantGoxua - Los Calaos de Briones restaurantWhite chocolate soup - Los Calaos de Briones restauranteCottage cheese cake with raspberry - Los Calaos de Briones Restaurant

La Rioja cooking

  • Vegetable stew
  • Home cooked meat stew
  • Asparagus in two sauces
  • Piquillo peppers with garlic
  • Scrambled eggs with Briones sausage
  • Los Cameros assortment of cheeses
  • Wild asparagus with young garlic and ham


  • Block of foie gras
  • Calaos Royal Fritters
  • Salt Cod salad with piquillo vinaigrette
  • Txangurro Salad
  • Tuna belly salad
  • Pickled quail salad
  • Cured Iberian acorn-fed ham
  • Assortment of Iberian meats


  • Hake in green sauce
  • Grilled Hake
  • Marinera-style clams
  • Grilled prawns
  • Salt Cod with Biscayan sauce
  • Baked sea bass flavoured with cider vinegar
  • Baby squid in their ink


  • Stewed veal cheeks in red wine
  • Tripe and snouts, lower leg of lamb
  • Rioja-style boneless pig trotters
  • Lamb chops
  • Grilled entrecôte
  • Grilled sirloin steak with garnish
  • Oxtail stew in red wine
  • Briones roast lamb
  • Roast pig
  • Ox T-bone steak


  • Goxua
  • Cottage cheese cake with raspberry
  • Yogurt mousse with banana ice cream
  • Lemon sorbet
  • Mandarin sorbet
  • Assorted ice cream
  • Rice pudding
  • Mandarin ice cream with hot chocolate

Special menus for groups

Los Calaos de Briones restaurant is a special place where diners can enjoy traditional cuisine with innovative and current flourishes in a unique setting
Special menus for groups
with seventeenth-century wine cellars retaining all the charm and flavour of traditional winemaking.
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